Yoga Therapy

A pathway to healing
"After my first session with Natalie I was the most calm and relaxed I have ever been. Her practices have really helped me to manage my pain better and given me a more positive approach to my health and wellbeing. I cannot recommend her enough and hope to make yoga a part of my everyday life"
Katie Matthews

A pathway to healing

Put yourself first and benefit from yoga that is tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you are a beginner to yoga, have a health concern or an ongoing injury or just feel intimidated in a group yoga setting, my 1-2-1 yoga therapy sessions will empower you on the path to self-healing.

Yoga therapy draws upon a variety of ancient mental and physical techniques to help promote the body’s own natural healing resources. Working in collaboration with you, we create a goal-oriented wellness plan to suit your body, your lifestyle and your needs.

My yoga therapy clinic runs every Saturday morning in hourly slots from 10am until 1pm from my home studio or online with slots bookable by the hour, although please allow 75 minutes for the initial consultation so that we can set health goals.


75 minute Initial consultation = £60
60 minute pay-as-you go private therapy class = £50
6 x 60 minute private yoga therapy = £240 (each class = £40)

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